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St Barthelemy kintsugi


Firefly White kintsugi plate on wooden display with blurred background of a city

Travel through the resilience

Discover the traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi with high-end workshops designed to offer you a unique experience on the island of St-Barthélemy.

Kintsugi is an imperial art from the 15th century which consists of enhancing porcelain using gold powder to highlight their brokenness and their singularities.


Kintsugi literally means “golden joints”.

Beyond its artistic form, it is a true philosophy of life : sublimating the imperfect.

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Sublimate with grace

Start your journey to resilience and transformation through the ancestral art of Kintsugi.

The Way of Kintsugi is a form of art therapy that invites you to transcend your emotions and turn your trials into gold.

Kintsugi is a philosophical and artistic technique that embodies the fusion between the beauty of imperfection and luxury craftsmanship.

Bol kintsugi saint barthélémy palmier
Kintsugi st barthélémy

Kintsugi, an imperial art in St-Barthélémy

Treat yourself to a unique experience by discovering our Kintsugi workshops in a high-end atmosphere.


Our Kintsugi workshops are designed with learning to address each step in the technical understanding of this traditional art.

Our level of requirement regarding the quality of our workshops and the attention that we carry to their organization are an integral part of the authenticity of Kintsugi.

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